Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Northrop Grumman's Military Systems employs a highly trained, multi-disciplined technical staff to provide the expertise and support required to meet customer needs. This highly skilled and experienced group of professionals uses the latest in computer aided design, analysis and test software to ensure product meets specification requirements.


  • HFSS – Finite Element/ Integral Equation
  • FEKO – Hybrid FEM/MOM/HF
  • XFDTD – Finite Difference Time Domain

Radome / FSS / Integration / RCS

  • PMM – Periodic Method of Moments
  • HFSS - Finite Element/ Integral Equation
  • Xpatch – Physical Optics
  • RAM2D - MOM
  • In-house 3D HF (IFDC)
  • In-house 2D (OPTO, TLM_MC)

General Processing & Optimization

  • Pioneer
  • Numerous in-house codes

3D Modeling, Finite Element Analysis and Classical Closed Form Solutions

Methods Development

  • Composites Analysis and Structural Materials (CASM) Code and Simulayt composite modeling
  • Bondline analysis methodology
  • Bestfit Surface Analysis Code
  • Adjuster capability (i.e., reconfigurable surface)
  • Dynamic Analysis (i.e., Random, Sine Vibe, Acoustic & Jitter)
  • Effective Properties Methodology
  • Abaqus, Mechanica and Ansys Structural modeling

Component Test

  • Thermal Elastic Distortion (TED) and Analysis Correlation
  • Static and Dynamic
  • Optical Metrology

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