F-5 Tiger Service and Support

two f-5s overheadF-5 Tiger in aggressor liverythree F-5 Tigers in flightF-5 Tiger up close, ready for take-offf-5 Tiger cockpit maintenance

two f-5s overhead

F-5 Tiger in aggressor livery

three F-5 Tigers in flight

F-5 Tiger up close, ready for take-off

f-5 Tiger cockpit maintenance

Northrop Grumman is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the F-5 Tiger.

As such, the company has weapons systems legacy data as well as the capability and capacity to perform a wide range of tasks and upgrades for this versatile platform.

Not only is Northrop Grumman a leader in the design, development and production of manned and unmanned aircraft, but the company’s Technology Services sector is the industry leader in life cycle sustainment of aging aircraft. The sector capitalizes on its unparalleled reach-back to Northrop Grumman’s other product sectors and is fully capable of providing modification and upgrade solutions to the F-5 product family. The focus is on upgrades that increase the viability and survivability of an aircraft that is flown in 23 countries around the world. F-5 customers benefit from Northrop Grumman’s integration of a fully capable weapon system and F-5 OEM legacy data experience.

Northrop Grumman has ample facilities, management and engineering facilities as well as unparalleled access to all other manufacturing, personnel and infrastructure to ensure task order execution ranging from engineering support to full-scale weapon system upgrade programs.

As the prime contractor for the U.S. Navy F-5N program, Northrop Grumman modified low-flight hour foreign military sales F-5E’s for F-5N aggressor air missions. The F-5N modification program included replacing upper cockpit, center and dorsal longerons, and replacing the vertical boat-tails of the empennage. This program involved the development and implementation of the modification program as well as the sustainment of the F-5N fleet for the life of the system.

Service Offerings

Supply chain management

  • Supplier base management
  • Planning and sourcing
  • Order fulfillment
  • Build-to-print, out-of-production spares

Support of Fielded Systems

  • Sustaining engineering
  • Mod & SLEP analysis

Northrop Grumman looks to expand its customer base with a focus on managing customer relationships and win-win expectations. Technology Services’ flexible and agile business structure allows improved proposal cycle time, reduced costs and expeditious order fulfillment.