Flight Data Analysis Display Tool (FDAD™)


FDAD™ is an off-the-shelf test software toolset that is essential for productively testing real-time embedded systems. With FDAD’s multi-display capability, real-time logging, playback and data export capabilities, FDAD™ is the premier test software toolset for testing embedded systems.

With FDAD™, you can:

  • Visualize embedded events unfolding in real-time within user-designed displays.
  • Slow playback down and analyze events frame by frame.
  • Export captured data to Excel, text or MATLAB file formats.
  • Automatically regenerate FDAD’s data dictionary using innovative packet extraction technology.
  • Use FDAD’s open interfaces to interface with external toolsets to provide additional capabilities.

FDAD™ is the breakthrough embedded test solution developed by embedded software and system test engineers for embedded software and system test engineers. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Additional FDAD™ features:

  • Built-in display editor: Create custom user displays
  • Support for multiple display configurations supporting multiple displays
  • Supports open interfaces: The FDAD™ .RDF data file format is published in the user’s guide; Ethernet data logging interface is also defined in the user’s guide.