A Pattern Cut and Material Prep
B Range and Model Prep
C Machining
D Autoclaves / Ovens
E Panel Layup
F Panel Cure/Prep
G Composite Clean Room
H Etch Lab
I R & D
J Paint and Prep
K Quality Assurance Labs
L Specialty Coatings Lab


Key Features

  • Manufacturing Floor Space: >150,000 sq ft
  • Majority of space is SAP/SAR approved
  • Classified Machine Shop (3 & 5-axis mills)
  • Composite Clean Rooms
  • Ovens (Multiple, including 18’ x 35’)
  • Autoclaves (Multiple, including 10’ x 30’)
  • Quality Lab (CMM, Laser, and Vision System)
  • Antenna / RCS Compact Range (Qty 3, UHF-Ka)
  • AS-9100 Certified
  • 3 Satellite Offices:
    • Hopkinton, MA (RF Components)
    • Logan, UT (Optical Calibration Sensors)
    • Rancho Bernardo, CA (RF Measurements)

Hempstead Facility

1 Clean Room
2 Staging/Storage
3 Sawing/Prep
4a Core Coating/Cure
4b T-Grade
5 RF Test
6 3-Axis CNC
7 Storage/Ship/Rec'v
8 Office Space
9 Office Space
10 5-Axis CNC Machining/Insp
11 Assembly/Bond Shop
1s General Shop/Storage

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