FlightPro™ Gen III Scalable Mission Computer

FlightPro™ Scalable Mission Computer  

The FlightPro™ scalable mission computer integrates advanced mission, weapons and video processing capabilities into a single, high-performance airborne computer.

FlightPro™ has open systems architecture that is ideally adapted for rapid advanced capability insertion. As a flight-qualified, off-the-shelf mission computer, it is suited for a wide array of avionics applications where fast implementation, easy integration and superior performance are critical. FlightPro™ operates as the primary mission computer, performing mission avionics data processing and display processing, while providing an array of external subsystem interface capabilities.

FlightPro™ is the central flight avionics collection point for incoming warning and caution advisory, communications management, aircraft controls and displays, data from navigation interfaces, multiple sources of simultaneous video, and keyset selection data. It processes incoming information, formats display presentations, and continuously monitors and controls all devices on the data buses.

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