FlightSuite™ Quiet Cockpit Technology

H-1 integrated avionics  

Northrop Grumman's FlightSuite™ offers an open architecture, versatile, scalable and combat-proven avionics suite for rotary and fixed wing aircraft. It features an advanced crew/aircraft interface utilizing high-resolution liquid crystal displays where a single button push provides access to every major function of the avionics suite. Flight crews have greater operational success because critical flight and mission information is immediately accessible in an intuitive format.

FlightSuite™ is Communications, Navigation and Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) compliant through 2020 due to the growth capability aff orded by this scalable integrated system. FlightPro™ mission computers, combined with features of radios, transponders, and inertial navigation and global positioning systems, contribute to CNS/ATM compliance. FlightSuite™ consists of one or more FlightPro™ mission computers, multi-function displays, control display units, stores station control units, air data computers, standby attitude sensors, navigation and communication radios, keyboard units, headup displays, integrated helmet displays, and weapon subsystems. FlightSuite™ integrates these components and streamlines them into a focused system. It offers the required resources to efficiently control the aircraft and execute the mission. The cockpit includes night vision goggle compatible displays that offer full operability in all crew locations, lighting environments and weather conditions.

Advantages of FlightSuite™ 

FlightSuite™ integrates its aggregated components and unites them into a single, easy-to-use system dedicated to providing mission-critical data to the flight crew. This instinctive system allows flight crews to focus on the mission and safely execute it.

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