Foreign Media Collaboration

Northrop Grumman’s Foreign Media Collaboration Framework is a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that integrates, manages and exposes foreign language processing tools and leverages the best software available for machine translation, optical character recognition (OCR), and automatic speech recognition. The FMCF includes a robust set of collaboration tools, supporting business processes that involve workflows for human and machine translation. It is available through a user-friendly, intuitive portal.

Reducing Costs and Risks

Exposing translation capabilities as net-enabled services in a SOA framework like the FMCF and employing standardized front-end user interfaces like the FMCF portal and Northrop Grumman’s Translator Workbench can significantly reduce cost and risk of delivering, maintaining, upgrading integrated capabilities, as well as streamlining user access and training.

Cost-effective Integration

For the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, an organization that pioneered the development of linguistic processing, using the FMCF’s SOA-based IT methodology is the key to cost-effective integration of linguistic processing in their intelligence production processes. What is more, these concepts and capabilities solve the problem of required access to related mission resources, such as webbased analysis, data storage, search and retrieval services and multi-level security applications.


Full lifecycle support for media requiring OCR, automatic speech recognition, machine translation and human translation:

  • Federated machine translation and automatic speech recognition
  • Federated multi-lingual federated search (SharePoint collections and relational data stored in SQL server)
  • SharePoint collaboration portal
  • Automated web publishing
  • Translators workbench
  • Northrop Grumman’s Parallel Corpora tool suite (editing tools, auto-upload, discovery and dissemination)
  • All versions of documents maintained
  • Scalable web service architecture
  • Department of Defense Discovery Metadata Standard (DDMS) XML compliant
  • Office XML compliant