G-2000 DTG Gyroscope Product Suite

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The G-2000 Dynamically Tuned Gyro comparable to the size of a U.S. penny.

The Northrop Grumman G-2000 two-axis gyroscope is the smallest tactical-grade dynamically-tuned gyroscope available. The G-2000 gyro offers proven high performance, small size, excellent reliability and low cost. The commercial-off-the-shelf G-2000 gyroscope and integrated product family are only subject to Export Administration Regulation (EAR) for export control.

The G-2000 provides high accuracy for platform/gimbal stabilization and targeting applications. More than 60,000 gyros have been delivered since 1992 for use in a wide variety of military and commercial applications around the world.

The G-2000 requires control electronics and power conditioning to provide rate outputs (e.g., delta thetas). This is accomplished using a Northrop Grumman miniature Digital Gyro Control Unit (DGCU) servo card specifically designed to maximize G-2000 performance, or these can be incorporated into the host application.

G-2000 applications

  • Downhole drilling and North- Finding
  • Line-of-Sight stabilization
  • Tactical missile and torpedo guidance/navigation
  • Ground vehicle navigation
  • Electro-optical/infrared cameras (EO/IR)
  • Targeting and pointing
  • Gun/turret stabilization

G-2000 advantages

  • Small size (.37 cubic inches) and light weight (<25 grams)
  • Angle Random Walk of <0.005°/√hr
  • Random drift of 0.02° to 0.6°/hr, 1σ
  • High shock capability of 750 g's (2 μsec, 1/2 sine)
  • High MTBF of 100,000 hours
  • Low power consumption
  • Fully qualified to MIL-spec performance
  • DGCU servo card option for turnkey, enhanced performance.

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