Ground Co-Site Module - UHF (GCM-U)

Ground Cosite Module – UHF (GCM-U)

The Ground Cosite Module – UHF (GCM-U) provides UHF radios with improved performance in transmit and receive modes by providing multiple narrow band tunable filters. These narrow band filters have the capability to tune quickly to allow operation with frequency hopping radios, as well as single channel radios.

Northrop Grumman's GCM-U uses the narrow band filters to reduce transmit noise and provide receiver protection from adjacent UHF potential interferers.

In addition to the narrow band tunable filters, the GCM-U also has a high power LNA. This line up of Filter-LNA-Filter provides improved front end noise figure for the radio, which translates to better overall system performance.

The GCM-U uses tuning information from the radio to allow the narrow band tunable filters to track the radio as it changes frequency. In addition, the GCM-U has a lookup table to provide nearly constant transmit and receive gain versus frequency.