GEOINT Enterprise On-Demand

Northrop Grumman has expanded its existing geospatial portfolio to include geospatial data acquisition, LiDAR collection and processing, photogrammetric services, geographic information systems (GIS) and analysis, and positions us as a leading end-to-end geospatial service provider.

Geospatial Solutions that Power Decision Superiority Our comprehensive suite of GEOINT Enterprise On-Demand ranges from developing industry recognized commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, establishing interoperable standards-based geospatial information architectures, to deploying comprehensive, customized geospatial solutions.

Northrop Grumman's development philosophy for geospatial systems emphasizes commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software whenever possible. Using open, standards-based commercial software promotes system scalability and interoperability. It also ensures an efficient and cost-effective method for deploying sophisticated geographic analysis, visualization and dissemination capabilities.

To achieve full system potential and significantly increase capabilities, customers can choose additional functionality beyond what is available through COTS software. In these cases, we have the experience to provide comprehensive geospatial software extensions and application customization that will significantly increase your system capabilities.

Benefit from key features

Customers trust us to deliver cost-effective and timely solutions that not only meet, but exceed, their expectations. Our GEOINT Enterprise On-Demand provide:

  • Standards-based Development - Integrates data and technologies from multiple sources and providers. Promotes common architecture framework resulting in consistent analysis results and application look-and-feel. Guarantees full interoperability of systems internally and externally.
  • COTS Integration - Capitalizes on existing, proven technology to mitigate risk and reduce life cycle costs.
  • Toolkit Design - Promotes a modular approach to constructing and populating enterprise architectures that emphasize capabilities reuse resulting in associated cost and time saving.
  • Engineering Processes - Ensures structured engineering (development, integration, deployment and support) using proven practices that reduce risk.

Leverage our expertise

Mission success depends on incorporating sophisticated geospatial solutions into our customer's existing IT infrastructures. NORTHROP GRUMMAN has the domain knowledge and proven experience you need to achieve decision superiority.

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