Northrop Grumman’s GEOStar-1 spacecraft bus is a compact, flexible, high performance platform for a wide variety of defense and civil missions including weather, Earth observation, overhead persistent infrared (OPIR), intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), space situational awareness (SSA), position, navigation, and timing (PNT), and tactical communications. The platform is optimized for GEO missions (adaptable for MEO) for launch aboard Minotaur, Falcon, and EELV launch vehicles. The avionics architecture has been configured for single-string, selective, or full redundancy, supporting missions with durations up to eight years. GEOStar-1 can accommodate 200W payload power, which is expandable to 700 W with expanded solar arrays and additional battery modules, and 1.5 kW with increased bus size. The spacecraft can support payloads up to 150 kg. GEOStar-1's precision pointing, knowledge, and agility combined with a large delta-v capacity make it a premier spacecraft for small GEO missions.

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