GeoEnterprise Architecture

Geospatial data is created and maintained by many different agencies within federal, state and local government. Such information is used in crisis response and recovery operations, as well as in national security operations. In each of these cases, it is critical to fuse geospatial data created by multiple organizations to support decisions. Many times, it is difficult for the data to be integrated because it is stored in stove-piped systems or because two communities use different terminology to describe the data.

All levels of government have recognized the need to achieve greater integration of data across organizations. Furthermore, an increasing number of agencies have defined their expectations for future geospatial systems to be interoperable, web-services based, standards conformant and integrated with enterprise-wide technology architectures.

Our Approach to Enterprise Geospatial Solutions

Northrop Grumman has developed a GeoEnterprise Architecture which will transform the way geospatial data is published, accessed and utilized. Most importantly, a dynamic reference implementation of the GeoEnterprise Architecture is available to demonstrate how our capabilities are applied to Defense, Intelligence Community, Earth Observing and emerging markets.

This solution is a vendor neutral, standardsbased, interoperable technical approach providing seamless accessibility of distributed geospatial data and systems via web services and Services-Oriented Architectures. It is built on the baseline of specifications that are maturing through the work of consensus standards organizations such as the International Standards Organization (ISO), the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Our architecture approach will enable interoperable geospatial processing and data sharing across distributed multi-vendor computing platforms. It will replace stove-piped architectures that are based on single vendors and local data holdings which create massive data redundancy. It provides an environment where one vendor product specializing in particular processes can interoperate with another vendor product with a different specialty. In addition, agencies (nationally and internationally) can share data inter and intra agency, thus reducing the need (and cost) for data redundancy. Our architecture solution aligns with spatial data infrastructures being implemented across numerous geospatial enterprises.

By providing a seamless architecture approach, Northrop Grumman is able to bring the full depth and breadth of our geospatial solution portfolio on industry’s most difficult challenges. Without the burden of stove-piped technology components, our solutions ensure the rapid and efficient delivery of superior imagery and geospatial intelligence systems, products, and services in support of national security.

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