GeoEnterprise Standards

Homeland Security and natural disaster events have identified a pressing need to develop systems that can seamlessly exchange data and information quickly and accurately without developing workarounds and unique interfaces that may be cumbersome or time consuming in crisis situations. The development and implementation of open, collaboratively agreed upon standards are seen as key components to address this desired interoperability. Northrop Grumman is positioned with the necessary resources and experience to provide leadership and development of systems for the achievement of these goals.

Why Are Standards Important?

Many products that we use conform to industry standards and alleviate the confusion and difficulties that would exist without their adoption. In the U.S., we know that an appliance plugged into a wall outlet will receive 110 volts and that the 220 volt receptacle for our clothes dryer will not accept a 110 volt electrical connection. Fire hoses from one town will connect with those from another town if needed to fight a major fire. Standards are seen as key to interoperable systems as well as, collaboration between Homeland Security and DoD Agencies.

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