Geospatial Intelligence

Northrop Grumman's geospatial intelligence expertise focuses on addressing customers' varied geospatial challenges. Our capabilities range from geospatial data acquisition, including multi-sensor solutions, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, managing higher geospatial intelligence data volume and velocity solutions and application of advanced analytics, to establishing interoperable standards-based geospatial information architectures, to deploying timely customized geospatial solutions.

Our solutions will enhance customers' applications through superior intelligence gathering and mission planning, routing and logistics, execution monitoring, physical asset tracking, exploration of "what if" scenarios, data exploitation via advanced analytics and dissemination, highly integrated databases and sensor networks, and secure C2 systems.

Using a broad range of end-to-end geospatial capabilities, combined with a continuous desire to present customers with relevant solutions that ensure full interoperability and control in the world of geospatial intelligence, reinforces our position – mission success depends on incorporating sophisticated geospatial solutions into government, military, intelligence and homeland security IT infrastructures.

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Capabilities include:

  • GEOINT Enterprise On-Demand
  • Enterprise Engineering
  • Enterprise Architectures
  • Enterprise Control
  • Technology Management
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Standards Development & Interoperability
  • Software Applications Development
  • Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Training
  • Data Production and Analysis
  • Deployable Systems and Services
  • Performance-Based Logistics
  • Special Operations and Intelligence Support
  • Airborne Network Integration
  • Hydrographic and Topographic LiDAR
  • Advanced LiDAR processing
  • Coincident Multispectral imagery/LiDAR
  • SAR Collection and Processing
  • Precision 3D Geolocation
  • Multi-sensor Aircraft Integration
  • CO/CO Aircraft Operations
  • Exquisite SAR Exploitation Tools
  • GEOINT Volume and Velocity Solutions
  • Full Stereo Pan/Color/IR Collection
  • 3D Feature Extraction from LiDAR
  • Skilled and Experienced Workforce
  • Persistent and Agile Surveillance
  • MILSPEC Production including FD,FFD,UFD,ICM/DICM, AERO, EVCs, TLM, JOG, UTP/ICM End-to-End Facilities GIS Solutions
  • Advanced Analytics

Geospatial Services and Solutions

Northrop Grumman’s geospatial portfolio includes leading-edge technological services and solutions for geospatial data acquisition, LiDAR collection and processing, photogrammetric services, airborne imaging, surveying, mapping, and advanced sensors.