Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)

Web-based GIS

Northrop Grumman deploys web-based GIS for internal project management and for external customers. We provide unique solutions, tailored to our customers' needs and desires. Our sites are robust and feature functionality not typically found in other web-based GIS sites. We develop sites for power users as well as the general public. To do this, we put careful consideration in the design and layout, and provide documentation through online help files.

Custom Applications

Northrop Grumman develops custom applications for customers of all type. We have developed applications to support federal, state, and local projects.

Solutions are tailored so that the interface allows for seamless access to a relational database designed to replicate and streamline the unique business process involved. Interfaces are built according to the level of the user. Power GIS users get a highly detailed interface for high-end data analysis and editing. General users are given a more simplified menu with pre-packaged routines specific to their needs.

Mobile Solutions

Northrop Grumman has deployed mobile GIS solutions on handheld devices, tablet PCs, cell phones, and ruggedized laptops. Our solutions have supported mission critical projects in such venues as the Olympic games in Athens, Greece. We have also deployed mobile solutions to support feature data capture, monitoring, and environmental management. Other applications include facilities inventory and management.

Northrop Grumman also serves our defense and intelligence communities with excellence in geospatial technology, specifically performing production work including digital feature data extraction, digital image city mapping, orthoimagery, digital maintenance of aeronautical charts, LiDAR mapping and feature extraction, Geonames and transition support, and coastal and near-shore data acquisition and mapping.

Northrop Grumman manages and performs project work under our Global Geospatial Intelligence (GGI) prime contract for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), a ten year services contract which we won in 2003 after having served NIMA as a subcontractor for many years.

Serving Federal, State and Local Agencies

Northrop Grumman can provide Subject Matter Expertise (SME) in imagery, geospatial, and all source analysis, fusion, and engineering services to clients in the Intelligence and Defense communities. Northrop Grumman personnel can provide mentoring, formal training, and analysis services either at the customer site or in the Northrop Grumman headquarters secure facility. Northrop Grumman F SMEs have extensive experience in providing systems engineering and technical assistance for acquisition of platforms, sensors, and ground systems. These services are primarily delivered at the client site but are also available at one of Northrop Grumman’s multiple secure facilities.

Northrop Grumman staff have decades of experience serving both within the government and as consultants, with the security clearances required to consult at the highest echelons. Today, Northrop Grumman is actively supporting the government in its critical national security and homeland defense mission across various federal and intelligence agencies. Personnel are currently serving as subject matter experts - training and mentoring government imagery and geospatial analysts at the National Geospatial Agency (NGA). The Federal Services business unit is also providing all source analysis and engineering services in support of other government agencies. Our familiarity with procurement procedures and funding vehicles, as well as our network of active green badge employees, allows us to help our government clients develop actionable and meaningful intelligence.

All Source Analysis:

Northrop Grumman All Source Analysts research, interpret, evaluate, and integrate raw and finished reporting to prepare multi-layered (fused) analysis and customized research and reports to various federal agencies.

Imagery Analysis:

Imagery Analysts from Northrop Grumman Inc provide a variety of analytic and training services to our federal clients. Our analysts provide SME support, mentoring, collection management and high-end analytical guidance to our customers.

MASINT Analysis:

Northrop Grumman MASINT Analysts provide expertise in exploiting data from both government and commercial sources, to include multispectral, EO, IR, and/or SAR imagery to create spectral, spatial, and temporal reports. We produce a variety of graphic and textual products for dissemination to a broad customer base.

Systems Engineering:

Northrop Grumman provides both Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance to our customers in support of ground and vehicle system development and acquisition. Our engineers are competent in the entire life cycle,  from concept and architecture phase through requirements development, segment, system and operational sell off.