Remote Sensing

Satellite Imagery Analysis

Northrop Grumman analysts are adept in exploiting information from space borne sensors. Contracts with numerous federal agencies have required delivery of first-time-right mapping from satellite imagery. We provide imagery analysis services, and imagery interpretation of features, using commercial and government satellite information.

3D Feature Extraction

Northrop Grumman is continually developing feature extraction techniques applicable to such technologies as airborne digital imagery devices and LIDAR. We are currently extracting 3D features using proprietary techniques which have initially shown a significant increase in productivity over traditional techniques. Features are extracted in 3D and include such items as buildings, roads, trees, water bodies, and vertical obstructions. Northrop Grumman produces feature data at the Global (1:250k), Regional (1:100k), and Urban (1:12.5k) levels.

Northrop Grumman has provided GIS support on eighteen different software platforms. We understand the intricacies involved in surveying , planimetric mapping, and GIS development. More importantly, through our three decades of experience, we have continually molded our entire operation around the idea of producing a spatially accurate GIS base map. We meet the minimum specifications for photogrammetric mapping and understand every aspect of GIS design, including software and hardware requirements, to ensure the delivery of a suitable GIS base map and a "GIS-friendly" product.