UAS Global Support Services

Towing a Hunter from the hangarEscorting a Hunter to the runwayhunter fly bytwo hunter UAVs in the hangarHunter tracking antennae, dugway Proving Grounds

Towing a Hunter from the hangar

Escorting a Hunter to the runway

hunter fly by

two hunter UAVs in the hangar

Hunter tracking antennae, dugway Proving Grounds

Northrop Grumman’s Unmanned Systems Sustainment Center (USSC) organization is located in Sierra Vista, Ariz., with facilities close to Fort Huachuca.

USSC provides a wide range of cost effective Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) support and sustainment services and has more than a decade of experience in operational and deployed UAS support services with various Department of Defense and other government organizations.

As the leader in UAS services, the center has more than 150,000 combat flight hours providing superior support on numerous unmanned systems including Hunter, LEMV, Global Hawk, BAMS-D, Fire Scout, Bat, and Firebird. We have unique UAS flight test locations and support services in Southern Arizona and at Dugway, Utah, which currently serves as the main test site for U.S. Army UAS.

USSC has a robust supportability business with an exceptional track record in UAS and proven performance in providing support to many diverse and complex DoD programs. Our experienced staff of logistics engineers, tech writers, and training developers is well versed in reliability, availability and maintainability analysis, human factors engineering, training & technical publication development, obsolescence management, parts provisioning, and logistics management information. At USSC all logistics functions are collocated under one manager providing a central point of contact.

With Hunter depot operations in Sierra Vista and other support services around the globe, USSC has proven integration, reset and retrofit capabilities. Whether it be Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Ground Control Stations, unmanned payloads (over 40 integrated to date), or other tactical military electronic equipment, USSC is a highly cost-effective integration partner. The Sierra Vista location is more than 123,000 square feet with significant room for growth and is conveniently located to support U.S. Army and Department of Homeland Security Southwest operations.