Land Forces Sustainment

MRAP maintenanceAssorted military vehicles in the desertreturning a HUMVEE to the yardTank TrainingConvoy at Fort Irwin

MRAP maintenance

Assorted military vehicles in the desert

returning a HUMVEE to the yard

Tank Training

Convoy at Fort Irwin

Northrop Grumman has supported the U.S. Army’s land forces sustainment mission for more than 35 years.

As a leader in vehicle sustainment operations and innovative logistical support at Fort Irwin, Calif., the U.S. Army’s premiere stateside training facility, Northrop Grumman has ensured the vehicles and combat equipment used by our nation’s warfighters perform successfully as they prepare for mission deployment into harms way.

Northrop Grumman provides tactical vehicle field and sustainment-level maintenance, combat equipment maintenance and supply, tactical logistics support planning, operations staffing, and repair parts supply and management services for the U.S. Army’s National Training Center. This large scale maintenance and repair program sustains nearly 5,000 armored and tactical wheeled vehicles and equipment, including multiple MRAP variants and hundreds of commercial and civilian vehicles. Despite this large quantity, we have maintained a 97 percent operational readiness rate for all fleets and a 100 percent on-schedule mission accomplishment rating.