Guardrail – RC-12X

Quick Mission  

With over 45 years of operational success, the RC-12X brings extended life to Guardrail and provides significant capability enhancements to the warfighter in theater today.

Long recognized as the world’s preeminent airborne signals intelligence (SIGINT) system, Guardrail has supplied critical intelligence and target information to the warfighter since 1971. Northrop Grumman has partnered with the Army in developing, deploying and evolving the system and its capabilities from day one.

For today’s changing military missions, up-to-the-moment intelligence can mean the difference between success and failure. Since its initial deployment, the U.S. Army’s Guardrail system has maintained its position as the Army’s most successful airborne signals intelligence (SIGINT) targeting, collection, and reporting system. This airborne SIGINT system provides operational commanders with near real-time intelligence, precise geo-location data and persistent targeting information. Furthermore, Guardrail’s state-of-the-art technology supplies the foundation to rapidly address future mission requirements.