HCM for Defense Organizations

Northrop Grumman’s end-to-end HCM solutions serve military men and women throughout the entire life cycle of their service – with systems ranging from recruitment, accession and training … to personnel management, payroll, benefits, promotion and retirement … to records, housing and enterprise travel management. These capabilities are integrated into easy-to-use dashboard environments that empower service personnel with mobile, self-service functionality available worldwide.

For the warfighter, we translate National Defense Regulations, total force personnel visibility, component mobilization and other critical requirements into secure enterprise HCM solutions. Serving everyone from generals and commanders to personnel directors and mission planners, these solutions will satisfy total force mission needs for years to come.

  • Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Northrop Grumman provides full life-cycle systems and software development, implementation, deployment and maintenance to support the DIA’s HCM requirements. These include the eZHR enterprise HR management system (HRMS), eRecruit and the Joint Virtual Intelligence University (JIVU) II learning management system. For these programs, HCM applications have been designed uniquely to support DIA requirements across multiple classification network domains, i.e., unclassified, secret and top-secret.
  • DIA – eZHR. Based on PeopleSoft HCM applications, eZHR handles personnel transaction processing, position management, payroll processing, requisition and applicant tracking, employee benefits, all internal and external training administration and training budget management, career development, civilian performance management, plus a host of self-service functions.
  • DIA – eRecruit. The DIA’s enterprise recruitment management system, eRecruit is the only multi-network domain recruitment solution. The system supports users on unclassified, secret and top-secret networks.
  • DIA - Joint Intelligence Virtual University (JIVU) II. Based on Plateau learning management solutions, JIVU II is the DIA's comprehensive eLearning program, serving both the agency and the intelligence community. JIVU II will support:
    • Enhanced learning management, e.g., robust user data tracking, course and resource scheduling and metrics collection
    • Synchronous webcasting for real-time, virtual classroom events
    • Knowledge portal interface for training providers
    • Rapid creation of online learning content.
  • U.S. Army. Northrop Grumman provided systems support to Army human capital programs for more than 20 years.