Transform HR from Administrative Function to Strategic Asset

It’s an old saying, and still as true as ever: your people are your greatest asset. HCM expands their value even more – with enterprise solutions that transform your legacy HR program into a strategic asset for your mission and organizational goals.

HCM Mission

Advanced enterprise business systems and processes are the heart of this transformation. They supply the workforce visibility needed to ensure personnel readiness and effective use of resources across organizations, in other words, the right talent in the right place at the right time. They automate and optimize the entire life cycle of HR activities – from hiring to retiring. And for personnel in any organization, public or private, modern enterprise HCM solutions provide immediate online access to reliable information and personalized self-service.

Developed and deployed by Northrop Grumman, these solutions bring you the processes, applications and infrastructure to:

  • Better serve the mobile requirements of a 21st century workforce – in a digital, transaction-based environment designed for customer service
  • Retool your workforce to achieve enterprise goals and strategies today and in the years ahead
  • Ensure the agility to allocate talents and skills to meet rapidly changing mission and tactical needs
  • Consolidate legacy and stovepiped systems into a single, fully integrated enterprise solution
  • Establish HCM as a critical component of your enterprise resource planning (ERP) environment
  • Deliver the greatest return on your investment in human capital and your HR infrastructure

Workforce Planning