Imaging Satellites

Imaging Satellites  
Imaging Satellites  

Northrop Grumman was an industry pioneer in the development of spacecraft designed to provide commercial Earth imaging services. The innovative OrbView series of spacecraft paved the way for today's space-based commercial Earth imaging industry.

Our flight-proven LEOStar-2 and -3 spacecraft platforms are designed to support a variety of multispectral, visible and thermal imaging payloads.

Mission History
Spacecraft Customer Resolution Launch
GeoEye-1 GeoEye .41 m panchromatic, 1.65 m multispectral 9/2008
OrbView-4 ORBIMAGE 1 m panchromatic, 4 m multispectral 9/2001*
OrbView-3 ORBIMAGE 1 m panchromatic, 4 m multispectral 6/2003
OrbView-2/SeaStar ORBIMAGE 1 km, 4 km multispectral (visble & near IR) 8/1997
OrbView-1/MicroLab-1 ORBIMAGE Broad area (lightning data) 4/1995
Earlybird-1 Earthwatch 3 m panchromatic, 15 km multispectral 12/1997**

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