InFlowSuite™ - A Framework for Rapid eSubmission Solutions

As a framework for a wide range of high-volume electronic submission-based systems, InFlowSuite™ can be rapidly tailored and deployed to meet the needs of a specific agency or submission process by altering simple, easily maintained rule sets. The functionality of the InFlowSuite framework can be extended to meet special customer, agency, or submission requirements through configuration of the product or integration of other commercial off-the-shelf software. This adaptability makes InFlowSuite the perfect solution for a wide range of eGovernment applications.

From the agency’s perspective, InFlowSuite provides the end-to-end solution for the management of information flow throughout the agency.  Information can be received, validated, stored, tracked, evaluated and disseminated electronically.

This allows an agency to increase its internal efficiency and to become more responsive to the needs of its stakeholders. From a business or external user’s perspective, InFlowSuite provides an efficient, cost-effective means of interacting (exchanging information) with the agency.

When an electronic submission is successfully received, InFlowSuite acknowledges the receipt and performs several key validation operations:

  • Verify structural integrity – InFlowSuite automatically verifies the structural integrity of the submission, ensuring that a complete document has been received.
  • Verify submitter authority – InFlowSuite verifies that the document received is acceptable in light of the roles to which the submitter is assigned.
  • Verify virus-free status – InFlowSuite verifies that the document and any attachments are virus free.
  • Verify compliance with construction rules – InFlowSuite verifies that the submission is consistent with construction rules for the type of document submitted. Construction rules identify components (e.g., forms and attachments) that must be present for a submission to be accepted as complete.
  • Verify submission data against submission database – InFlowSuite verifies that selected data contained in the application itself is consistent with information contained in the system’s database.

Only after all of these validation operations have been successfully completed is the document “accepted” by the system. The InFlowSuite application notifies the submitter by e-mail of either acceptance of a valid submission or rejection due to specified errors.

Each submission is validated and stored in the relational database. Information contained in specific fields within the application can be extracted from submissions and stored for later retrieval and reporting. Accepted applications undergo conversion to meet the format requirements of the agency.

Business Benefits

  • Improves timeliness by allowing the submission to be completed and submitted electronically from the desktop without mailing paperwork – ensuring near real-time receipt.
  • Real-time editing of inputs results in fewer rejected submissions and lessens the requirement for human interaction – improving efficiency and saving hours for both the submitter and the recipient.
  • Immediate confirmation that submission has been received by the intended system – no document shipment tracking required. Submission status tracking allows business to monitor the progress of their submission.
  • 24/7 access brings greater convenience and flexibility.

Agency Benefits

  • Higher quality submissions mean that staff resources previously devoted to resolving issues with customers can be diverted to other more productive activities.
  • Increased productivity achieved through streamlined automated workflow and automatic case tracking and monitoring features of the system.
  • Reduced physical storage requirements and ability for multiple persons to view documents at same time.
  • Pro-active role in submission management so that the processing cycle time can be shortened.
  • Improved submission security and confidentiality through role-based access.
  • Increased responsiveness and improved customer satisfaction.

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