Data Center Services

Data Center Services

Organizations face challenges streamlining and managing their data center investments, addressing security threats and maintaining resources to ensure systems are responsive to change. Our enterprise-based approach to Data Center Services simplifies management of IT assets and operations and enables effective management of business needs with technology investments. Customers trust our ability to provide solutions that offer energy efficiency, automation, virtualization, consolidation and business continuity. Our Data Center Services help clients meet the growing demand for IT services while cutting operating costs, addressing power and cooling capacity concerns and handling physical security constraints.

We offer a broad range of Data Center Services:

  • Enterprise Architecture and Design
  • Virtualization and Consolidation
  • Systems Management
  • Systems Monitoring
  • Storage Services
  • Enterprise Hosting Services
  • Disaster Recovery 

Our Data Center Services reduce costs and boost productivity:

  • Reduce IT management overhead allowing a focus on the mission
  • Ease implementation of data security to address the evolving threat
  • Deliver greater resiliency and redundancy maximizing performance
  • Provide an ability to scale systems more quickly to meet changing needs