Integrated TECHE and Analysis System

ITAS-Lite – Simplified Collection Screening

Northrop Grumman’s Integrated TECHE and Analysis System (ITAS-Lite) is part of the PASS family of interactive ELINT tools. ITAS-Lite is designed for collection analysts who make digital recordings of real-time signal data input. Its extensive signal screening capabilities are presented on a simplified display.


  • Real-time data collection. Built-in, commercial analog to digital module. Bandwidths to 80 MHz.
  • Real-time disk capture. Tools for managing files created from incoming sample data.
  • Real-time parameterization and display. Displays pulse data in falling rasters or pulse scattergrams.
  • Snapshot deinterleaving and identification. Shows signal results in their environment as they are collected.
  • Streaming spectral analysis display (SASS). Shows frequency spectrum of data as it is collected.

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