Intelligent Transportation Solutions

Helping America’s transportation services become safer and more efficient

Saving time by easing commutes…quickly rescuing traffic accident victims…helping parents arrive at a soccer game or childcare center on time…and making it simpler for travelers to find their way. Northrop Grumman’s Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are helping America’s transportation services become safer and more efficient.

As more vehicles inundate the nation’s highways each year, maintaining a safe, efficient, and environmentally sound transportation system becomes an increasingly daunting task for any state and local government. Challenges raised by prolonged rush hours, increased traffic congestion, poor air quality, and inefficient incident response times, have compelled traffic engineers to seek new and innovative methods of managing their transportation systems, and they are turning to trusted partners like Northrop Grumman to help.

Innovation characterizes Northrop Grumman’s fully integrated suite of ITS applications. While each of these management tools is powerful in its own right, it is a blending of these systems into a fully integrated, customized intelligent transportation management system and infrastructure that provides optimum benefit.