LN-100G Embedded INS/GPS (EGI)


The LN-100G is a versatile Inertial Navigation System/Global Positioning System (INS/GPS) capable of performing high-accuracy navigation while supplying unsurpassed sensor stability for superior geo-location needs.

The LN-100G is a non-dithered 0.8 nm/hr free INS/GPS utilizing the Zero-Lock™ Gyro (ZLG™) and various GPS solutions. The LN-100G is ideally suited for use as a Synthetic Aperture Radar, electro-optical reference, sensor stabilization or underwater system due to the absence of acoustic noise.

LN-100G applications

The LN-100/LN-100G has now been selected by more than 70 customers, including the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Army, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, in addition to over 25 international applications. These units are flying in various aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned undersea vehicles, launch vehicles, PODs, missiles, fighters and trainers (e.g. F-22, T-45), a variety of helicopters, and transport aircraft (e.g., C-130, P-3, C-295).

Growth capability

The LN-100G has the growth capability to support any differential GPS solution, along with the Real Time Kinematic algorithms to provide the accuracy for a Joint Precision Approach and Landing System solution.

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