LN-270 INS/GPS Navigation and Pointing/Stabilization System (EGI)

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The LN-270 is a highly adaptable Inertial Navigation System/Global Positioning System (INS/GPS) that can be used for navigation or as a pointing/stabilization solution on land.

Northrop Grumman's LN-270 is an integrated land navigator, used as a precision pointing/stabilization system for ground-based and marine military applications. The LN-270 combines a high accuracy, integrated fiber-optic gyro (FOG), an INS, and a 12-channel P(Y) code GPS. The non-dithered inertial sensor achieves the most precise pointing information for increased sensor accuracy. Additionally, the low noise FOG technology eliminates self-induced acceleration and velocity noise.

LN-270 applications

The LN-270 is a tightly coupled, integrated INS/GPS that provides improved performance for navigation of manned and unmanned vehicles, geo-location of sensor targeting, and the enhanced ability for turret stabilization/pointing. Additionally, the LN-270 is integrated with a vehicle motion sensor to provide unsurpassed navigation performance in GPS-challenged areas and a Ground Rotational Radar system, producing superior user performance. This results in unequaled navigation and pointing stabilization performance as well as the most accurate target location.

LN-270 advantages

  • Proven lightweight, low-cost FOG technology
  • Lowest weight and volume in performance class
  • Three independent navigation solutions: Blended INS/GPS, Smoothed Nav, GPS only
  • Extremely high reliability of over 20,000 hours for mean time between failures
  • Available in performance ranges of 1 mil, 2 mil and 5 mil
  • Non-dithered inertial sensor allowing for more accuracy
  • Ruggedized package for artillery environments.

LN-270 growth

The LN-270 is available with an integrated high anti-jam GPS subsystem and has the ability to integrate with M-Code or 24-channel GPS when available.