Lake Charles Maintenance Center

Northrop Grumman at HIMSS Superior depot repairs and maintenance services -- that’s what the Lake Charles Maintenance and Modification Center (LCMMC) provides to our nation’s military. The site has decades of experience in aircraft maintenance and refurbishment services, modification work and skilled engineering
Northrop Grumman at HIMSS Northrop Grumman’s LCMMC has robust fabrication and repair capability that supports the KC-10 CLS, Joint STARS PDM, E-2C and EA-6B programs.The 105,000 square-foot fabrication shop at LCMMC is capable of fabricating machined, sheet metal parts and performing composite repairs. Our artisans are highly experienced and are experienced with reverse engineering of parts and repairs on aging aircraft. We have made significant investments utilizing state of the art technology to discriminate Lake Charles from traditional backshops. This investment lowers cost, ensures a consistent outcome, and shorter turn-times resulting in increased aircraft availability


LCMMC’s Fabrication Center has a dedicated pylon shop with the proven capability to refurbish aging aircraft pylons to bring them into conformance will all FAA and OEM Service Bulletins and Airworthiness directives.  The LCMMC Fabrication Center’s approach to inspecting and refurbishing pylons includes a dedicated engineering staff and supply chain specialists to ensure that non-standard repairs are approved and executed to meet aircraft delivery schedules.

CNC Vertical Mill 

The CNC vertical mill allows for the flexibility to work with all grades of: steel, aluminum, brass, plastics, titanium and other exotic materials. This allows us to respond to our customer’s schedule and specification needs, while yielding full reliability and accuracy of large complex aircraft part machining. The unit is capable of duplicating a large quantity of complex machined blueprint or repair parts to support production requirements.

CNC Lathe

In order to meet customer demands, the lathe allows Northrop Grumman to combine high accuracy and reliability to provide the performance to achieve large quantity output. Designed for easy operation and programming for a wide range of part sizes, the machine features our MX Hybrid Roller Guide System that dampens vibration, extends tool life and accelerates/decelerates at high speeds to shorten cycle times.

Northrop Grumman at HIMSS

Maintenance Operations Center (MOC)

Our Maintenance Operations Center (MOC) provides a “mission control” environment for all back office applications. The MOC gives situational awareness into the daily operations of the Lake Charles facility. This insight allows for more efficient critical path resource allocation across the maintenance portfolio

Security Support

Since 1992, LCMMC has been providing quality security processes and procedures that are compliant with the National Industrial Security Program, physical security requirements up to Protection Level 2 (PL-2) security, and force protection requirements. Since September 2012, the facility’s security posture has been rated as superior by the Defense Security Service four consecutive times. LCMMC emphasizes a layered security approach that balances an experienced security staff with state-of-the-art electronic access controls, intrusion detection, and video surveillance equipment that precludes access of unauthorized personnel to the facility and restricted area

Mobile-enabled Technology

Lake Charles emphasizes digital capabilities to create a “paperless shop floor execution system.” This allows near real-time schedule oversight and management to ensure on time and budget delivery. With mobile technology at their fingertips, Northrop Grumman technicians stay connected throughout the day and maximize their time with the asset – not tied to a fixed computer station.

Northrop Grumman at HIMSS As Northrop Grumman’s Center of Excellence (CoE) for 707 aircraft, we provide the technicians, production support, technical staff, and program management team who are the subject matter experts (SMEs) on maintenance and sustainment of aging aircraft. With over 5 million hours of 707 maintenance experience, our team thoroughly understands and fully mitigates the schedule and performance risks associated with 707 platforms.

We perform extensive structural modifications to the fuselage, electrical systems, host avionics, environmental systems, and aircraft interior to integrate “A” kits for the Prime Mission Equipment (PME). In addition, we have performed extensive repair and replacement of major structural components, including upper and lower wing planks, spar chords and wing-to-body terminal fittings.

Interior of the Hangar

LCMMC is the CoE for 707 heavy structures repair and maintenance. Beyond the sheer capacity of the facility, this is an environment that places a premium on workforce productivity and greater accountability. Northrop Grumman deploys proven processes for protecting the aircraft and components (e.g., preventing FOD). This leads to positive, repetitive audit results for hangar operations.

RFID Tool Control

The facility offers a state of the art RFID tool control system that virtually eliminates lost tools. With company-owned toolkits and RFID tags on each tool, we have demonstrated the ability to monitor the location of over 17,000 tools with virtually 100% accountability. In fact, we have recorded a record number of days without a lost tool, an industry benchmarking record for the MRO industry.