Solid State Laser

Solid State Laser Sytem

High-power, solid-state technology has great potential to provide the military with a multi-platform, multi-mission capability. Weaponized electric lasers will complement kinetic systems, bringing speed-of-light, ultra-precision and force protection to the battlefield.

With deep magazines and scalable in power to address specific threats, these operational weapons will provide crucial defensive military advantages at the strategic, operational and tactical levels of warfare.

Successes in power level, run time and beam quality under the JHPSSL program led to the development of the Maritime Laser Demonstration for the U.S. Navy, where the company in 2011 became the first to successfully operate a laser weapon at sea.

JHPSSL technology also is the underlying technology for the company’s FIRESTRIKE laser product line introduced in 2009 that builds on its heritage of record-breaking, high-energy, solid state lasers. Since that time, Northrop Grumman has invested internal funds to fabricate, integrate, and test a demonstration prototype of the FIRESTRIKE laser called Gamma.