Launch Structures

Launch Structures  

Northrop Grumman has produced more four- and five-meter diameter launch-vehicle structures than any other company. More than 400 structures have been manufactured for Ariane V, Atlas V and Delta IV.

Our facility in Iuka, Miss., offers deep-water access for ease of shipping. The facility has 10 state-of-the-art fiber-placement machines and 11 autoclaves, and we can handle both large and small launch-vehicle structures up to 5.4 meters in diameter by 25 meters in length. Northrop Grumman has extensive design, analysis, integration and non-destructive testing experience. This capability, coupled with our extensive fiber-placement experience, ensures the ultimate in lightweight, high-quality composite structures.

Northrop Grumman also is the largest producer of rocket motor cases, with more than 15,000 delivered to date (11,100 manufactured). We offer complete development, design, build, NDT and test capabilities.

We have been the industry leader in filament winding more than 50 years, with more than 20 production filament-winding machines in place that can wind structures as large as 14 feet in diameter and 83 feet in length. Focused on performance, reduced cost and lead time, our highly automated production processes and research produce the highest quality and best value for the industry.‚Äč

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