MAGNUM Integration Platform™

Large-scale enterprises struggle with implementing an integrated security solution. Typically these enterprise security solutions consist of many disparate, stovepipe systems that operate independently, which often prevents effective and rapid security decisions when attempting to respond to threats.

These disparate systems make responding to existing threats and adapting to emerging risks unnecessarily complex and expensive. The MAGNUM Integration Platform from Northrop Grumman provides the answer. Northrop Grumman’s MAGNUM Integration Platform is a proven product suite that integrates your existing security systems, assets, software and practices into a single enterprise solution and enables adding new capabilities as they evolve. Fully scalable and easy to use, the solution delivers the tools and capabilities to manage all of your security needs.

  • Integrates input from all sensors and data sources across your enterprise
  • Provides intelligent information management with state-of-the-art threat assessment and decision support
  • Employs advanced visualization tailorable to your mission and workflow requirements
  • Enables enterprise-wide security management of facilities, physical assets, perimeters and critical infrastructure.

Empower your security team

The MAGNUM Integration Platform equips your security team with a common operating picture of your enterprise’s entire security status – in a form that’s easy to understand, and in a system that makes incident assessment, decisions and respon- ses faster and more effective. Based on more than a decade of security experience, the MAGNUM Integration Platform protects a wide range of enterprises and missions. The solution is superbly suited for large-scale security needs, from military installations (including forward operating bases) to civilian government facilities and commercial operations, such as power plants, harbors, refineries and pipelines, airports, industrial plants and other critical infrastructure assets.

Delivering Enterprise-Class Security


  • Single or multi-site security management, scalable to any size organization
  • Tailorable displays to suit specific user missions
  • Extended security with mobile trailers and mobile handheld devices
  • Management of site lock-down crisis management with early warning actions
  • Fully integrated sensor and network monitoring, configu-ration and control
  • Automatic, hands-free camera tracking
  • Historical reports of alarms, targets, sensor status and user actions (along with associated video)

System Architecture Benefits

  • Support for 150 different sensors and cameras
  • Support for all major industry protocols
  • Exceptionally high reliability, with automatic failover built-in
  • Open architecture for rapid integration of new technology
MAGNUM Subsystem Capability
Integrated Security Server Fully Integrated Sensor Monitoring, Configuration, and Control
Common Operational Picture Mission-Tailorable Visualization (e.g. GIS, Network SA)
Digital Video Panel Video Monitoring, Control, Alarm Management
Network Camera Controller Camera Control, Network Video Recording/Distribution
“Maestro” Task Orchestrator Configurable Business Logic and Information Orchestration
Track Management Comprehensive Storage and Correlation Engine
Cyber Protection Network Management and Protection Against Cyber Threats


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