Multi-Band Laser Spot Tracker (MBLST)


Handheld Laser Spot Tracker Gives JTAC and Pilot 100% Confirmation of Intended Target

The Multi-Band Laser Spot Tracker enables Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTAC) and Joint Fires Observers (JFO) to visually detect and confirm the targeted location of both airborne and ground-based laser designators during both day and night with minimal voice communication.


  • Displays any laser in the battlefield including designators and markers, laser range finders and NIR pointers in high contrast color (over black and white image). Tightens the kill chain by facilitating rapid JTAC talk-on of aircraft’s designator spot onto target.
  • Positive target confirmation helps reduce collateral damage and possibility of fratricide.
  • Totally passive operation eliminates nighttime need for IR pointing lasers that can be detected with night vision devices.
  • Short wave infrared (SWIR) imager provides visibility through fog and mist. Excellent low light and starlight imaging performance. Not susceptible to thermal cross-over conditions.
  • Compatible with all airborne and ground-based laser target designators/markers with NATO Band I/II PRF codes.
  • Fills published capability gap: “inability to see aircraft laser spot during daylight.”
  • Meets expressed warfighter need “to provide accurate and timely close air support (CAS) to troops in contact out to 3 km.”
  • US Military tested at Avon Park, Fallon, White Sands Missile Range, Nellis AFB, USMC Base Twentynine Palms, and Camp LeJeune.

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