MC-27J Multi-Mission Aircraft

MC-27J Multi-Mission Aircraft

​Northrop Grumman and Alenia Aermacchi entered into a partnership to develop the MC-27J, a multi-mission aircraft based on the C-27J tactical transport, with a Roll On/Roll Off weapons system.

Northrop Grumman’s palletized weapons system is designed for easy embarkation and disembarkation via the aircraft’s rear ramp; permitting flexibility in the use of the unaltered aircraft. The primary configuration requires minimal impact to the aircraft to significantly reduce acquisition costs and deployment times, while retaining the C-27J’s robust airlift capabilities. While there are other multi-mission aircraft in the market that can do cargo, medevac, VIP transport, etc. this is the only solution offers those missions with a full ISR and gunship roll-on/roll-off capability.

The MC-27J is an adaptable and affordable solution to the various airborne multi-mission requirements fulfilled today by a wide variety of specialized and dedicated aircraft. It offers payload, persistence and out of area capabilities coupled with commonality of equipment and systems with larger multi-mission platforms but at much lower operational costs and with the operational flexibility of being able to operate form shorter runways also in hot and high conditions.

The MC-27J is not just a gunship, but a battlefield tested platform equipped with proven mission system and weapons suites able to execute a wide range of customer-driven missions. The MC-27J sensors/communications/weapons suite is a combination of proven commercial and military off-the-shelf subsystems that provide a modular and reconfigurable capability with minimal aircraft integration. It provides Special Forces a platform with quick transfer speed; long operational range and ample cargo capacity, and is capable of taking off from and landing on short and/or unprepared strips while acting as an autonomous command and control center integrated with the ground command network. The MC-27J will also provide Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) capability as well as the ability to deploy paratroopers. Furthermore, the MC-27J’s target designation and on-board weapons systems provide outstanding support for ground operations.

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