Mobile Chemical Agent Detector

MCAD device looking over a busy highway and building facility.

The MCAD detects chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals within a 5 kilometer radius, providing operators true standoff detection capability. This passive, infrared, standoff chemical detector uses proven pattern recognition algorithms to detect the standard library of chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals; it also has the ability to discriminate between natural and manmade interferents. MCAD does not emit any interrogating signal, resulting in a detector unit that is low-power, untraceable at a distance, and eye-safe.

MCAD detectors can be networked, allowing operators to detect and track the specific location of a threat cloud, while determining the direction and size. Detection and identification data is displayed on a user-friendly display. The MCAD can be wirelessly controlled, and connected with wide-area communications networks. Successful testing on land, air, and seaborne platforms is a testimony to MCAD’s ruggedness utilizing well-established technology.