Multi-Domain Atlas (MDA)

Vehicle - Mounted Workstation

Multi-Domain Atlas (MDA)

The Multi-Domain Atlas (MDA) is a rugged, dismountable vehicle computing platform consisting of an intelligent docking station computer and a dismountable tablet computer.

MDA Features

  • Supports up to four classification domains simultaneously; runs virtual machines to host independent security enclaves.
  • Dock capable of running multiple instances of Windows® and Linux® operating systems simultaneously. Tablet capable of running a single instance of the Windows® or Linux® operating system.
  • Built-in KVM capability provides single display user interface to tablet and dock computers.
  • A system with detachable handheld display (tablet) with up to 50’ range; wired or Type-1 encrypted wireless connection to the dock.

Value to the Warfighter

  • Provides an optimum single display approach that enables the sharing of information with personnel with different security clearances and with coalition forces.
  • Ease of software integration to hardware; able to run both the latest and legacy applications
  • Runs most applications on the same computer platform, decreasing SWaP-C
  • Supports up to five operating systems when tablet is docked
  • Enables the soldier to carry the tablet and step away from the vehicle to share and debrief information such as situational awareness