Calibration & Custom Measurement Services

Northrop Grumman offers a wide range of test equipment related services, including; acquisition, asset management, metrology engineering consulting, calibration and special measurement services. Instrument types cover a wide range of parameters, test characteristics, physical and dimensional values, electrical properties, and other engineering quantities.

  • Services can be tailored to your particular needs
  • Fast turnaround and competitive pricing
  • Recognized quality and dependability of Northrop Grumman

Calibration Services are provided for a wide range of measuring and test equipment, including customer reference standards, related to; manufacturing, product design, test engineering, acceptance qualification as well as R&D. From single calibrations to management of your entire metrology system, these technical services are provided to nearly all industries such as; automotive, environmental, chemical, bio-medical, aerospace and standards laboratories. The Metrology Services data sheet provides a summary of these services.

The Metrology Services Capabilities brochure provides detailed information including the range and scope of our measurement capability and our typical measurement uncertainties. A list of typical instruments serviced is shown here: Typical Instruments Serviced.

We encourage all inquiries to discuss your exact calibration and measurement needs.