The Metrology group offers a broad range of capabilities. For more information on measurement capabilities and uncertainty ranges, see the Metrology Services Capabilities Brochure

DC/Low Frequency RF/Microwave Physical Dimensional Electro-Optics/Fiber Optics Special Measurements
AC Voltage Attenuation - 110 GHz* Flow Length Laser Power Phase noise measurements
AC Current RF Power - 110 GHz* Viscosity Surface Roughness Photographic Step Table Excess noise ratio measurements
AC Voltage - Ratio* Noise Figure - 110 GHz Mass Flatness Densitometers Microwave measurements to 110 GHz
Capacitance Excess Noise Ratio - 110 GHz* Force Optical-Dimensional Photometry Electro-optical
Inductance Network Analysis Torque Angle Ultra-Violet (UV)
Resistance* Time and Frequency* Vibration Hardness Solar Cell Irradiance
Phase Spectrum Analysis Acoustics Theodolites Spectral Irradiance
Low Frequency (2 GHz) S-Parameters - 110 GHz Pressure   Total Irradiance
Frequency Response   Vacuum   Fiber Optic Power Meters
Risetime   Leak   Fiber Optic Sources
DC Volt*   Temperature   Fiber Optic Attenuators
DC Current   Humidity   Optical Spectrum Analyzers
    Gas Analyzers    
    Air Velocity    
    Nuclear Radiation    

*Accredited Parameters