Measurement Engineering Consulting

Northrop Grumman has a staff of engineers and quality assurance personnel available for a wide range of technical consulting related to measurement and calibration. Consulting services range from the practical application of measurement theory and state of the art measurements to managing processes in the metrology environment.

NOTE: Measurements are NIST Traceable for parameters and frequencies supported by NIST.

Characterization/Special Measurement

Parameter Test Type Range
Phase Noise - One/Two Oscillator Technique 50 MHz to 110 GHz
Network Analysis 45 MHz to 110 GHz
Power (not directly NIST traceable) 110 GHz to 180 GHz


System Development and Review

Courses may be customized per customer requirements. Course instructors are selected for their experience and practical knowledge in a given discipline
  • Calibration/Measurement Techniques
  • Equipment Use/Limitations
  • Software/Instrument Control
    • HP VEE
    • National Instruments LabView
    • C
    • HP BASIC

  • Metrology
    • In-house and on-site metrology training services are available for a variety of disciplines
  • Measurement Systems/Software
    • Calibration/test system design
    • Measurement/test methodology review and development
    • Procedure/software generation

  • Calibration System Review and Development
    • Uncertainty analysis
    • Policy documentation
    • Compliance with ISO 9000, ANSI/NCSL Z540