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Northrop Grumman's Military Health capabilities provide complete situational awareness and data-driven decision making for a lifetime of health management, that adapts at the speed of battle and enables improved peacetime, expeditionary force and casualty care readiness.

Military Health Capabilities

In order to address the challenges faced by the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, reservists and the private sector, we offer a broad range of military health capabilities which focus on improving the delivery and continuum of care. Our powerful military health capabilities include:

Joint Operational Medicine Information Systems (JOMIS)

Designing for globally integrated health services, JOMIS presents an opportunity for Northrop Grumman to partner with the Defense Health Agency (DHA) to leverage a legacy of proven C4ISR technologies, delivering a flexible, multi-domain solution.

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Military Health Whitepaper

This white paper is one of three presented by Northrop Grumman to address the specific issue of data interoperability and the future of military health.

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Virtual Reality Gaming: Mastering the Military Mindset?

With Virtual Reality systems coming down in price as they ramp up in quality, action-based virtual reality gaming is quickly becoming the norm.

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C4ISR Drives Innovation in Military Health

Federal News Network Interview with Northrop Grumman's Erik Buice on how the company is leveraging technology to help address military healthcare.

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Military Health Data Interoperability

Improving the speed, quality and personalization of care provided to our service men and women

Data interoperability is a foundational capability for the future of Military Health, and specifically the Joint Operational Medicine Information Systems. Seamlessly capturing, receiving and transmitting data at each operational role on the continuum of care will improve the speed, quality and personalization of care provided to our service men and women, both active duty and veterans, ensuring the best possible health outcomes. Complete situational awareness and command and control will ensure greater mission readiness for our warfighters and the health systems that support them. button

Health Data Analytics

Enabling customers to be more efficient

Northrop Grumman provides leading edge analytics to inform and support decision makers leading our national health priorities. As a leading health and human services integrator, Northrop Grumman enables customers to be more efficient through solutions that reduce fraud, waste and abuse; improve data analytics; and provide better user experiences. button

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