Mixed Signal ASIC Capabilities

Our special fabrication processes and design expertise offer capabilities that bring valuable performance to your system through the use of state-of-the-art Mixed Signal ASIC designs.

ASIC ASIC Controller: SRAM, Digital Logic, SONOS EEPROM, Differential Input Buffers, Analog Delay Lines and Regulator in a single chip.

Northrop Grumman's extensive mixed signal design experience allows unique approaches that will meet your project requirements through the use of innovative circuits with a wide range of functions, including digital, analog, and memory.  The ability to integrate these diverse functions onto a single chip leads to many advantages for your system:

  • Lower part count and fewer types of parts
  • Lower cost - NRE and qualification for only one chip
  • Higher performance
  • Lower total power
  • Greater reliability 
  • Reduced size and weight 

Core Design Competencies

Northrop Grumman’s Mixed Signal Design Group has industry experts in multi-output, low-noise, low drop-out voltage regulators for continuous and pulsed loads, Digital ASIC design from Verilog code to fully placed and routed standard cells, Low-Power Data Converters, including Digital to Analog Converters and Analog to Digital Converters from 11 to 14 bits and up to 7 GSPS, Read-Out-Integrated Circuits (ROICs) for digital focal planes, Charge-Coupled Devices (CCDs), Non-Volatile Memories, Multiplexers, Analog and Digital Fault Isolators, and I/O Circuits.  Our skills include expertise in the design for radiation environments where required.  We develop Process Design Kits (PDKs) for our internal foundry processes, including the design and complete characterization of digital standard cell libraries.  We achieve design verification via a number of techniques, including the use of verilog-A models in a mixed-signal environment to ensure error free design and first pass success.

Special Fabrication Processes

Two classes support mixed signal types:

  • High performance complementary bipolar for aggressive analog functions. CMOS is added for digital control and processing functions.
  • CMOS optimized for digital circuit performance. Analog functions and nonvolatile memory are added. 

Design Methods and Tools

At Northrop Grumman best practices and industry standard state-of-the-art CAD tools (Cadence, Mentor and Synopsis) are used to maximize circuit performance while minimizing design cycle cost and schedule. Design methods are ISO 9001 certified.
These controlled methods and tools maximize the potential for first-pass-success, thereby cutting your cost and critical time-to-market.