​Multi-Sensor Threat Simulation

multi-sensor simulation

Whether it’s CEESIM or JTE, our scalable equipment recreates the most accurate mission-like conditions in the laboratory and on the range—so you can leave nothing to chance for your warfighter.


CEESIMCombat Electomagnetic Environment Simulator (CEESIM)

The Combat Magnetic Environment SIMulator (CEESIM) RF simulator provides simulation of multiple, simultaneous emitters and static/dynamic platform attributes required to faithfully simulate true-to-war conditions. Simulations of this quality offer the most cost-effective means of testing and validating effectiveness of sophisticated EW equipment. 

Joint Threat EmitterJoint Threat Emitter (JTE)

The Joint Threat Emitter offers "true" warfighter training for the combat aircrews and provides a modern, reactive battlespace war environment, designed to help train military personnel to identify and effectively counter enemy missile or artillery threats. A multi-threat, hi-fidelity simulator with realistic effective radiated power levels, the JTE simulates both single and double digit Surface-to-Air and Anti-Aircraft Artillery radar systems and accurately trains combat aircrews to defeat or avoid Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS) around the world in a war-like training environment.

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