Navigation Systems Technical Training

NSD Technical TrainingWe have prepared and conducted training for all branches of the military services and many foreign governments. We have also developed effective, interactive web-based training lessons, including 10 for foreign navies, 50 for the U.S. Navy, 17 for the U.S. Army and over 220 for the U.S. Air Force.

The Navigation Systems Division training department provides effective training for all division products by blending the most effective training methods that comply with Department of Defense standards such as Instructional Systems Development (ISD), Systems Approach to Training (SAT) and Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM). The e-learning lessons are full-featured, containing intensive user interactions, multimedia, student tracking and computer-managed information.

Our dedicated staff consists of experienced instructors and subject matter experts with prior military experience, and personnel with degrees in Education. We can supply subject matter experts, or we can work with those you supply. We stress continuous communications with our customers to ensure that their expectations are met.

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