Nodal Switch

Nodal Switch

IP-based communications for air traffic control and air defense

Northrop Grumman’s Nodal Switch is the first truly distributed ATC communications system. Legacy systems simply distribute the voice and data control processing throughout a centralized switching system. The Nodal Switch uses intelligent end-points, or nodes, each containing all of the needed audio and data processing resources. Legacy systems transport audio from source to destination via channel-limited proprietary busses. The Nodal Switch uses standard Ethernet links and switches to transport communications.

The Nodal Switch eliminates the need for customers to compromise functionality and flexibility for performance and reliability. The Nodal Switch offers significant reductions in size, operating costs and complexity while simultaneously increasing deployment flexibility and interoperability, without sacrificing performance and reliability. Nodal Switch audio quality is far superior to that of legacy TDM systems with their analog links to radios and control communications are up to five times faster.

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