Omnibus Automated Image Storage and Information System (OAISIS)

The Bureau of Law and Adjustment in the City of New York’s Office of the Comptroller receives approximately 20,000 claims against the City each year for injuries from sidewalk falls, flat tires caused by potholes, as well as more serious claims. The Comptroller’s Office processes and investigates a claim, and if litigation is required, it gets passed over to the City’s Law Department, a separately run organization, to be settled. From administrative costs to settlements, the self-insured City spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year on claims.

The Challenge

Much of the information needed to evaluate claims – driving records, vendor licenses, maintenance schedules on city buildings and buses – resides in other City databases. And at one time, the claims process was mostly manual, creating office spaces filled with cartons of paper and very few computers. Consequently, an exorbitant amount of time was spent locating files, transferring paper claims between offices across the City, and obtaining investigative documents from scattered databases. And with each staffer assigned over 1,500 claims, the backlog of claims was projected to reach 100,000 by 2007. The lack of technology paired with outdated business practices and inefficient workspaces, the Office of the Comptroller realized the need for an upgrade. Through a comparison of best practices, the City identified these objectives involving technology for claims processing:

  • Create an efficient means of file transport and review
  • Lower settlement costs by reducing claims processing times
  • Reduce backlog
  • Identify and eliminate fraudulent claims
  • Shrink operating costs

The Solution

In response to those objectives, the Office of the Comptroller implemented claims processing software to provide end-to-end management of claims. That software is Northrop Grumman’s automated workflow solution built on e.POWER®. The New York City Office of the Comptroller calls it the Omnibus Automated Image Storage and Information System (OAISIS). OAISIS, a comprehensive image and workflow management system, was designed and developed to the specific needs of the Comptroller’s office and established infrastructure, including the need to interface with other City organizations and various existing computer and database systems.

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