Bar Product Solutions

Improving Production Processes Throughout the Supply Chain
Whether your company buys or sells hot rolled bar, cold finish bar, rounds or hexagons, our OpenTracâ„¢ applications can manage these processes. OpenTrac solutions are well suited for companies that process bar stock either internally or through a network of outside trading partners. OpenTrac allows the user to report production including, drawing, turning, grinding, straightening, polishing and sawing. Electronic data interchange (EDI) technology is used to track material from the mill to the end customer, and all of the in-transit points in between.

One of the key elements to running an efficient operation is maintaining specific inventory levels. OpenTrac solutions will help you ensure there is sufficient stock on hand by providing full visibility of the inventory, and alerts to any quality control issues. OpenTrac solutions are designed to make your business responsive, flexible and profitable.

OpenTrac streamlines processes by:

bar product solutions
  • Automated shipping and receiving
  • Barcoding, tagging and scanning
  • Attribute/part number search
  • Customized workstation scheduling
  • Retrieving information wirelessly
  • Multi-facility connections
  • Order planning and scheduling
  • Customer quotes
  • QC module