Bulk Warehousing Solutions

Leading Edge Systems Tailored for Bulk Warehousing
OpenTracâ„¢ provides warehouse management system (WMS) functionality to control the movement and storage of material and their associated activities. By reducing the amount of paperwork involved with tracking bulk material, OpenTrac can streamline put away operations and reduce gaps in inventory.

Manage sales orders, purchasing, work/job orders and general accounting functions with OpenTrac Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology can be integrated, creating the capability to generate bar coded tags to uniquely identify each piece of material. Hand held scanners can be used to process shipping/receiving functions and re-locate inventory wirelessly. This information is provided in real time via e-communications to customers and material owners. Customer information can be saved using the Customer Master application which saves pertinent information regarding orders, quality information, contacts, etc. which drastically reduces the need for duel entry.

OpenTrac improves process functions in:

bulk warehouse solution
  • Material tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Multi-site warehouse tracking
  • Accounting administration
  • Quality control
  • Barcode scanning and barcode
    tagging of material
  • Standard reports
  • Security privileges