Import and Export Solutions

Track Material from Customs All the Way To End Customer Delivery
Proper identification of material and accurate inventory tracking are key components to help companies and customs brokers reap the financial rewards of importing/exporting goods. As material ships from foreign sources, our OpenTracâ„¢ application can receive electronic customs documents and advance shipment notifications.

Once shipments are received, material can be uniquely identified with barcodes to expedite tracking of goods in and out of trade zones. To ensure all material is accounted for appropriately and accurately, e-communication linkages with trading partners provides real time inventory status information. By reducing manual processes and expediting the administrative functions, OpenTrac provides speed and reliability to large import and export trading companies.

OpenTrac provides functionality in the areas of:

import export solutions
  • Inventory valuation
  • Part master file
  • Material tracking
  • Foreign Trade Zone compliancy
  • General accounting
  • Quality control (QC)
  • Order processing
  • (EDI)
  • Barcoding applications
  • Ad-hoc reports