Pipe and Tube Product Solutions

Manage Large Pipe and Tube Inventories with OpenTracâ„¢
Managing and updating inventory of various sizes, shapes, and alloys can be complex and cumbersome. OpenTrac, a robust ERP system, enables pipe and tube shops to uniquely identify material by part number and/or attribute using bar code technology. Internal inventory can include several identifiers, including building, section, location, material diameter, length, bundle number and piece count. All shipment information and material movement is tracked automatically with minimal human interface; this increase efficiency and accuracy of the data.

OpenTrac solutions will automate business functions including shop floor management and workstations tasks. Checks and balances are in place to ensure that personnel are working on the correct jobs and picking correct inventory.

OpenTrac provides superior ability to:

pipe tube solutions
  • Automated shipping and receiving
  • Barcoding, scanning, and material tagging
  • Job orders
  • Inventory handoff reports
  • Attribute/part number search
  • Customized machine capabilities
    (e.g. uncoiled, shear, end-welder)
  • Send/receive/access information wirelessly
  • Multi-facility connections
  • Order planning and scheduling
  • Customer quote
  • QA module