Service Center Solutions

Leading Edge Systems Specifically Tailored for Metals Service Centers
Traditional canned Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are not robust enough the meet the specific needs of metal service centers. OpenTracâ„¢ provides applications designed for these requirements in mind and can be customized to meet each company's needs. These solutions provide buy/sell functions including attribute search capability and quote creation for on-the-fly orders. Our new service center design allows inventory to be tracked by attribute for minimal tracking, or more in-depth by material or coil ID.

OpenTrac is designed to work with all aspects of a service center’s business from material tracking, to outside processing, warehousing and accounting administration. Wireless scanning devices and bar coding technology expedite receiving, production and shipping activities. This real time information ensures inventory accuracy and facilitates improved asset turnover.

Opentrac provides specific functionality

processor solutions
  • Attribute and/or part based look-ups
  • Shop floor manufacturing
  • Job orders
  • Machine utilization
  • Order planning and scheduling
  • Customer quote
  • QA module
  • E-communications
  • Barcode tagging and scanning
  • Electronic document creation
  • Advanced ad-hoc report writing
  • Multi-facility capable